Oticon Hearing Aids in Chesterfield

OTICON OPN S (from April 2019)

The long awaited “internet hearing aid” with “Feedback eliminated” is here. OPN 1 S by the renowned manufacturer Oticon. It features very sophisticated design content, superb sound quality and IP68 water and dust resistance, so you can wear this with confidence. The processor features 3.5 billion operations per second, so it is six times as fast at processing than Phonak, its main competitor, 64 frequency channels and dual-radio transmission: utilising near field Bluetooth and 2.4GHz.

MADE FOR iPHONE Oticon Opn S at The Chesterfield Hearing Practice

A most interesting and popular feature of the Opn S is its direct connection and binaural streaming to iPhone and iPad IOS devices. This means you can listen to calls and music in stereo directly from your mobile. With the addition of an Apple watch, you can do this without even touching the phone.

A feature that hasn’t yet been fully explored is the IFTTT integration. Effectively, you can link your hearing aids to many other WiFi devices, such as Amazon Echo, Hue lights, Ring Doorbell, etc. and create triggers and alarms. So, for example, your Ring Doorbell can signal movement nearby straight to your hearing aids!

We have the Opn S hearing aid in stock in various versions and colours.

You can try a pair on day 1 and walk away to evaluate these in your own time.

Oticon Connect Clip

ConnectClip – the Solution for non-iPhone users and Laptop connections.
ConnectClip is many things in one. It turns Opn hearing aids into a high quality, wireless headset for hands-free calls and listening to music or podcasts in stereo. It works with any modern smartphone, music player or computer. It is a wireless, remote microphone and a remote control for Opn hearing aids.

Oticon TV Connector
OPN is perfect with the Connectline 3.0 TV adapter
This turns your TV into a Bluetooth device capable of linking to your aids by selecting ‘TV’ on your iPhone. The sound is stereo Dolby quality, the device can be set up very easily and can incorporate a soundbar too as it has two optical sockets).