Unsuccessful trial of Phonak V90

“Hi Rob,” I said on entering his office, “you just lost yourself another sale!” and handed back the expensive hearing aids he had loaned me for testing.
He did not seem bothered. Nor has he in previous, similar conversations.
Rob Donnan had adjusted my existing aids (giving me manual control over their sensitivity) a week before, but had lent me a pair of newer aids which would self-sense noise and adjust themselves, automatically, to any noise environment. I found the existing aids with manual control better. Rob remained philosophical, and true to his business model; sell only what the customer needs, and is happy with.
I have dealt with RJD Hearing Care for 5 years and in that time Rob has guided me through several evaluations , never pushing me toward the more expensive options, in fact, often dissuading me from my more extravagant, audio fantasies. He has replaced parts when I visit, responded to phone calls from faraway places, and mailed spares to wherever I happen to be.
Of course, he also has told me when I am wrong…. but in the nicest possible way…and I only when I am wrong.
I thoroughly recommend RJD Hearing Care.

Chris McGougan
RJD Hearing Care