Iain connects iPhone and Hearing Aids

“I’ve been wearing in the ear type hearing aids for several years but have just decided to switch to behind the ear. I really wasn’t sure if it would be the right decision; my main concern was how they look, with my short (balding) hair there’s no hiding place!

Anyway after a trial period I’m pleased to say the behind the ear aids are a great improvement. I work in an office and hearing my colleagues both face to face and via telephone is very important.

The sound quality is clear and natural. Another important element is being able to communicate in social situations, such as in a group at a restaurant. I noticed with my previous hearing aids, I did struggle with the background noise and could only feel confident to speak to the person immediately opposite or adjacent. The new hearing aids are allowing me to pick up on conversations across a large table and they seem to filter the interfering noise.

My Oticon OPN hearing aids also have additional features including Bluetooth connectivity to my mobile phone so I’m able to take calls and listen to music without having to use headphones – a real bonus!

I think the stereotypical image of hearing aids is changing. My pair of hearing aids are high end technology, they look advanced but also I think the prevalence of Bluetooth headphones and other similar technology means wearing such a device, even as a ‘younger’ person, is ‘normal’.

I trust Rob because I’ve always felt I’ve received appropriate and considered advice. This is the third pair of hearing aids I’ve bought from Rob. On each occasion we’ve focused on finding the best solution – through discussing the merits of various manufacturers, types of hearing aid and matching this with the condition of my hearing loss.

When buying the most recent pair, Rob and I met on several occasions, looking at the results of the trial, tweaking the set-up of the hearing aids and making sure I was comfortable with the hearing aids prior to purchasing.

Over the years I’ve received regular check in calls from Rob and team. I haven’t used Rob’s after sales care service as much as I probably should have done (Rob told me off recently!) but I know he’s only a phone call away and would be available immediately if I needed support.

My sister also has hearing aids supplied by Rob and we both agree we’re lucky to have found him and have really benefited from the service he has provided.”